Sunday, 22 May 2016

b/d Reversal Strategies - Games


1. Dice Games


2. b/d Ladder Race

3. Letter Snap

4. Tic-Tac-Toe

5. B and D Zap

6. b/d Fly Swatting

7. Letter Reversal Bingo

8. Letter Reflex App

b/d Reversal Strategies - Using Multi-Sensory Materials

Using Multi-Sensory Materials

1. Trace over various tactile surfaces

Possible tactile surfaces include flannel fabric, corrugated cardboard, very fine sandpaper, fluffy fur fabric, or a carpet square.  Have the child trace the letter with his finger.

2. Wet, Dry, Try


3. Fill Block Letter with Objects

Fill a large block letter with objects that begin with the letter’s sound.


4. Make the Letter with String

Make the letter using straight or curved objects that you can find around the house.


5. Write Letter in a Salt or Sand Tray


6. Write Letter in Playdough

Write letters in the play dough with a toothpick, golf tee, pencil, or pointy end of a paintbrush.


7. Create "Feel Boards"

Create "feel boards" using twine and cardboard


8. Write Letter in Shaving Foam


9. Do-A-Dot Letters


10. Make Letter With Playdough


11. Write Letter in Paint Bag

b/d Reversal Strategies - Correct Letter Formation

Correct Letter Formation

1. Provide a cue for the staring point

When forming the letter b, start with the stick first, followed by the circle. The star indicates the starting position.  To write the letter d, start with the circle first, followed by the stick. Again, the star indicates the starting position.


2. Air Tracing

Use your whole arm to write the letter in the air.

3. Walk the Letter

Use a carpet runner and some duct tape to make the letter or alternatively chalk the letter on the kitchen floor or outside in the garden path. Put coloured dots at starting and turning points to help reinforce directionality.


b/d Reversal Strategies - Letter Formation Associations

Letter Formation Associations

1. Mr Beady (b.d.) Eyes




2. "bed" Cue Cards

3. Hand "bed" Cue

4.  "bat and ball Cue Cards

A common visual cue is to teach the “b” as a “bat with a ball” to cue that the stick is formed first while writing the letter.  The “d” is cued as a couple of different things.

5.  Upper and Lowercase Cue Cards

6.  "b sees d" Cue Cards

7. Alphabet 8's