Saturday, 30 April 2016

DIY I Spy Game

This "I Spy" collage was compiled by Jamey Ekins of Dabbles and Babbles.   
What a great idea!!

Download this FREE worksheet here:

Object Halves

Our latest FREEBIE: Object Halves - addresses Visual Closure skills

Download it here:

Lego Spatial Designs

Discovered these wonderful free LEGO spatial patterns from
You can download them here:

Tangled Animal Mazes

Some Figure Ground fun.
Download these FREE worksheets here:

Grid Copy Pictures

Copy the picture using the grid lines. Lovely worksheets produced by
Download them here:

Amazing Arrows

We love this FREE activity on Nadene's Practical Pages Blog.  
Such a lovely idea to address spatial awareness and directionality skills.

Download the Arrow Chart here:

Complete the Picture

Lovely FREE Visual Closure Worksheets designed by
Download them here:
Complete the Picture Details:
Complete the Picture Pieces:

Fine Motor Spatial Patterns

Work on fine motor control and grip patterns in conjunction with visual perceptual skills. There are 4 ways to complete these worksheets:
1. Color the dots
2.  Q-tip painting
3.  Stickers
4.  Push Pins

Download them here:

Find the Objects

Here is another great FREE worksheet pack to address Figure Ground, Visual Closure and Visual Discrimination skills. 

In order to complete these worksheets successfully, the child must filter out the visual distraction of the irrelevant objects to focus in on the particular object they are looking for (figure ground perception).  They must also mentally fill in the parts/pieces of any objects that are concealed by other objects in order to identify them correctly (visual closure) and compare the features of similar looking objects in order to distinguish between them (visual discrimination).

Download these worksheets here:

Building Blocks

 Discovered this wonderful free resource addressing spatial orientation skills at:

There are 50 cards graded in 5 levels.

Triangle Mosaic Blocks

Wonderful Spatial Skills and Figure Ground perception activity.  Features 36 patterns - easy, medium and difficult. 

This activity can be used in two ways:

1.  Copy the pattern in (a) by coloring in the corresponding triangles in (b).

2.   Print out the Triangle Mosaic Blocks template pages.  
      Past the pages on a sheet of thick cardboard.  
      Cut the triangles out.  
      Have the child copy the pattern by building it with the cardboard triangle pieces next to  
      the pattern sheet. 

Click on the link below to download:

Alphabet PreWriting Fun

Pre-writing patterns help a child to learn the directional pushes and pulls of a writing tool required to form letters. 

By drawing various pre-writing patterns within the letters in these drawing worksheets, a child will get pre-writing practice to improve their legibility while familiarizing themselves with the shape and form of the letter itself.

Download these FREE worksheets here:

Colored Craft Stick Sequences

Download the craft stick template and cards for this activity here:

Colored Craft Stick Spatial Patterns

Craft sticks are a wonderful tool for a number of activities. They can be sourced on Amazon (a variety of brands will come up if you search “colored craft sticks”). Your local craft/hobby/art store is also likely to stock them.

If you prefer, you can make your own colored sticks. We have made a template with two of each color stick. Print this out and paste it on thick cardboard, then cut the sticks out.

We have designed 40 FREE cards to use for this activity. 

Download the craft stick template and cards for this activity here: